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Containment: how to occupy your dog? – Insurance for Pets

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Despite the containment measures, walks near the home are allowed for our pets. But staying locked up is sometimes tough for them too. Here are some practical tips to stimulate your dog between the brief daily outings necessary.

During confinement, our pets lack natural stimulation and can quickly become bored and frustrated. Agria, the animal insurance specialist, offers some practical advice to easily stimulate your doggie between the brief daily outings necessary.

For dogs, for example, working the nose is very good brain exercise, and chewing something can be a good way to release stress.

For their ancestors, finding food by walking, hunting and biting was a full-time job and it is not at all natural that dogs today have their food served in a bowl. By allowing your pet to search for part of its food, you contribute to its daily energy expenditure and the dog is only happier!

Some suggestions of games to do with your dog at home

It is quite possible to create the games for your dog yourself, using rolls of toilet paper or small paper wrappers for example. Here are some ideas:

  • Hide a meatball or other treat in a roll of toilet paper. Fold the edges at both ends and give it to him. That should occupy him for a little while.
  • Hide treats in a towel left on the floor. Let the dog sniff his « prey » himself.
  • Place a treat on the floor and cover it with an ordinary plastic box. Your dog will quickly find the solution.
  • A little more difficult: place a treat in a plastic bottle. When your dog overturns the bottle, he will have earned his reward.

All the materials used must of course be safe for your dog and the treats given in controlled quantity to avoid any risk of overweight.

And the ride?

During confinement, it is necessary to have a derogatory movement certificate to walk your dog. The trip must however be « brief » and « close to home ».

You must also be careful not to detach your dog in a place where you can meet other people, in order to avoid, to recover it, having to approach and risk spreading the coronavirus.

Tips for activities with your cat at home

In this period of confinement, your cat tolerates you all day at home, take the opportunity to stimulate him and play with him!

The cat’s daily play and stimulation increase confidence, adaptability and curiosity. An active and stimulated cat is simply a happier and healthier cat.

Teach your cat new tricks

Don’t underestimate the cat’s ability to listen and learn. We will not speak of « training » as for the dog, but with progressive method and exercises, you will be able to try to learn « sit », « stay », « come » to your cat.

With your cat’s favorite treat, present it above his head while standing straight and say « sit ». Praise your cat and give it a reward when it sits down.


Agility is quite possible with your cat. The simplest thing is to start by jumping through a ring. Another agility exercise is to put up obstacles in the form of a small slalom race in the living room.

To play hide and seek

Why not play hide and seek with your cat? Once hidden, call him to make the sound of your voice prompt him to come. The game of hide and seek is a great way for the cat to use its senses. Of course, don’t forget to reward your cat when it finds you!