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Consumers’ Association: « Tackling too much salt, sugar and fat in food has failed » – Insurance for Pets

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The Consumers’ Association believes that the future cabinet should be much more ambitious in tackling too much salt, sugar and saturated fat in foods.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport) is currently working on a new approach to product improvement. Because this system applies for the next ten years, the Consumers’ Association wants strict agreements.

The Agreement on Improving Product Composition (2014-2020) has yielded very little, says Sandra Molenaar, director of the Consumer Association in a news item. « In recent years we have seen time and again in our tests that little progress was made. Too salty veggie burgers, pea soup and stock cubes. Too sweet satay sauce and meal replacements. And too fatty lasagne and frozen pizzas. »

The Consumers’ Association examined animal and vegetable cheese, among other things: often too salty and too rich in saturated fats. In addition, the association saw large differences in amounts of salt in, for example, pestos and vegetarian minced meat, which according to the association shows that manufacturers can easily use less salt. The same applies to sugar.

Molenaar: « Our tests show that manufacturers can make healthier products, but there is hardly any pressure for them to actually do this. We have been saying for years that more needs to be done. Manufacturers always come up with great promises, but all over the world. line, far too little is happening. « 

Politics must now really get going, continues Molenaar. « Strict legal standards for all product groups. And manufacturers who do not cooperate enough must be tackled firmly. Then it will finally become easier for consumers to consume less salt, sugar and saturated fat. »

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