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The animal massager is still a little known profession. The activity begins to develop in France. Portrait of a masseuse in Côte-d’Or, who takes care of dogs and horses.

It is a rather special method of care. Chloé Mallet is an equine masseur. This morning in Massingy-lès-Semur (Côte-d’Or), she takes care of Mété, a 19-year-old mare whose nervous system is fragile. « We target the areas where she is a little tense, and we try to soothe them. We are also trying to revitalize his whole system a little.« , explains the masseuse for animals. 30 minutes of massage, and the first effects are felt.

Three training schools in France

Equine massagers are not animal health professionals. They cannot perform medical or surgical acts, but the method convinces the owner. « All the muscles have been very sore for her, for almost two months now, so it’s true that the massages really do her good. », notes Constance Leduc. Before, Chloé Mallet was an engineer. She has completed 1,200 hours of training, and since February, she has taken care of around ten animals. The profession is in full development, three training schools exist today in France.

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