Insurance for Pets

Clumsy OHRA couple’s pets steal the show in new commercial – Insurance for Pets

The now well-known OHRA couple Rob & Els plays a supporting role in what is already the twentieth TV commercial with the couple. With the commercial, entitled « Smart dog, smart cat », the insurer is building on a campaign that has been running for eight years.

This time again, the couple’s dog and cat are in the spotlight. The campaign, developed by Joe Public Take Away Advertising, shows that the animals are not real buddies with all the consequences. With the new commercial, the insurer wants to make it clear that pets are properly insured with OHRA. In addition, the insurer wants to emphasize that a pet insurance can even easily be expanded with an additional module behavioral therapy for the cat. At OHRA they call this: « Insurance without Purple Crocodiles ». Referring to the famous commercial of yesteryear.