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Climbers Groupama-FDJ cannot miss pets; Gaudu’s dog follows Tour – Insurance for Pets

There seems to be a secret behind the strong climbing team of Groupama-FDJ; Thibaut Pinot, David Gaudu, Sebastien Reichenbach and Valentin Madouas are all great animal lovers. With the 23-year-old Gaudu, the love for his husky dog ​​Houna even goes so far that his parents follow the Tour with the faithful four-legged friend.

Kopman Pinot came with a striking feel-good message on his Instagram. French Hope, like Gaudu, owns a husky dog, but said goodbye to its goats via the social media platform. « Goodbye girls, hello Tour de France! » It therefore seems that the goats have not been admitted to the Tour bubble of thirty people at Groupama-FDJ.

Foreman Gaudu cannot even do without his dog for three weeks. The parents of the 23-year-old climber travel after the circus for three weeks, with dog Houna in their presence. « Houna has a special place in David’s heart, » Father Francoise told FranceBleu. The other climbers Reichenbach and Madouas also show their love for animals on Instagram. Reichenbach has his cat as a profile picture, while Madouas proudly poses with four new puppies. If the love for their leader Pinot is just as great as for their animals, the French formation should be fine. (photo: Instagram Thibaut Pinot)