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Cheeky gets its name from his lovely cheeks and he is looking for a home – Insurance for Pets

New animals regularly arrive at the Vlaardingen Animal Shelter. Together with you, we want to ensure that everyone has a nice home. This week, we’re putting Cheeky in the spotlight. Can you help this sweetheart find a home?

“Cheeky is a beautiful big male of 7 years old. This friendly black and white giant gets its name from its wide cheeks. A typical uncastrated male head. To date, no owner has reported. That is why we are looking for a new home for this lovely sweetheart for him. ”

For months on the street

“Cheeky ended up in our shelter because he had been wandering around for months and a local resident was worried about him. Because he had been living on the street for a while, we had him tested for FIV (cat aids) in addition to the usual health check. He has also been tested positive. At the moment Cheeky feels good and is not bothered by anything. As long as this is the case, he can live a very happy life. Although Cheeky has no symptoms yet, he can infect other cats through urine, faeces, blood and saliva. That is why it is important that he does not come into contact with other cats. It should be emphasized that FIV is NOT contagious to humans and animals other than cats. ”

Photo: Animal Shelter Vlaardingen

Cuddly toys are high on his wish list

“We are looking for a house for Cheeky with a fully fenced (ie catproof) garden or balcony that he cannot get out of. This is to prevent it from coming into contact with and infecting other cats. Since Cheeky was used to being outside a lot and now has less of an adventure, he is looking for active owners who have a lot of space and offer him a lot of distraction in the form of scratching posts, toys, etc. Cuddling is also high on his wish list. ”

Enjoy the lazy life

“Here in the shelter he prefers to be inside and enjoy the lazy life. His new owners wish Cheeky many more fun and healthy years. They understand the importance of separating from other (healthy) cats and recognize that Cheeky may need to see a vet more often in the future. It is important that he leads a stress-free life with good nutrition to keep his resistance as high as possible. Then this boy will stay healthy for as long as possible. Are you happy with this big boy and would you like to stroke his wide cheeks? Then we would like to get in touch with you. He is not allowed to leave immediately because on March 4 his teeth will be cleaned first and he will be castrated immediately. When he has recovered from it, he can leave for his new home. ”

Getting acquainted and adoption

“We request that you send as extensive information as possible by e-mail about the family composition, living situation (yes / no garden / balcony and how that is cordoned off), work situation (during and after corona), any other pets and the experience with cats. In this way we get the best possible picture of the situation. Do not forget to mention the contact details including telephone number. You can mail to: [email protected]. It is not possible to book a cat by email or by phone. Getting acquainted with the shelter cats is only possible by appointment. With several candidates, we make a selection for the invitation to meet based on the information provided in the email. The adoption rates can be found on the website.

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