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The Puffin Norwegian Dog is a small Spitz type dog. He is energetic and very alert. Long used as a puffin hunting dog (from which it takes its name), which is a variety of penguin, it has now become an affectionate and cheerful companion dog even if its character is fairly independent.

  • Size: 32 cm to 38 cm
  • Weight: 6 kg to 7 kg
  • Hair: medium long
  • Colors: white and red, white and fawn, white and gray, white and dark spots
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Gestation duration: 63 days

Description and characteristics of the Puffin Norwegian Dog

The Puffin Norwegian Dog is a small dog with a rectangular body. We recognize it in particular by its small piercing eyes which give it a waking air, composed of a yellowish-brown iris and a pupil which is surrounded by a dark circle.

The Puffin Norwegian Dog has characteristic medium-sized ears because they are wide at their base and carried very straight.

The coat of the Puffin Norwegian Dog is made up of a thick and very thick covering hair, as well as a soft undercoat. Its hair is short on its head and on the front of its legs while it is a little longer on its neck, behind its members and on its tail. He carries the latter slightly rolled up on his back. The hairs of the Puffin Norwegian Dog always have a white base allied to either fawn, gray or even black.

Origin of the Puffin Norwegian Dog

The Puffin Norwegian Dog is native to northern Norway, specifically the island of Vaeroy in the Lofoten Archipelago. It is an ancient breed (certainly over 400 years old) that has long been used as a puffin hunting dog, that is to say a variety of penguin that lives in its country of origin, on steep rocks at the edge of the North Seas as well as in the fjords, but also as herdsman. The puffin has long been used by Norwegians in this region as food, but also for its down.

This breed almost died out from the moment when it was no longer used for hunting and because this race was partly decimated between the two world wars because of distemper, a serious viral disease for dogs. The Puffin Norwegian Dog was however rescued and developed again from the 1960s. It then became a pet. It is a very rare dog in France.

Character and behavior of the Puffin Norwegian Dog – Who is it for?

The Puffin Norwegian Dog was originally a hunting dog. He is a dog who has energy and is very agile. It has the particularity of being able to turn its back well back to touch its back and it has additional fingers compared to the majority of other dog breeds. These characteristics enabled him in particular to be able to climb very steep slopes to hunt puffins. This is why this dog is better suited to a sports master.

The Puffin Norwegian Dog has a fairly independent character and requires a firm education. As a pet, it is a cheerful, affectionate and never aggressive dog.

How to take care of your Puffin Norwegian Dog: his needs

Due to its origins as a hunting dog, the Puffin Norwegian Dog needs a lot of exercise. He is also happier if he can benefit from wide open spaces. In any case, it is not made to live locked up in an apartment.

Native to cold regions, the Puffin Norwegian Dog withstands high temperatures with difficulty.

On the maintenance side, the Puffin Norwegian Dog does not require any particular care. Regular brushing is enough to maintain the beauty and hygiene of her dress.

Feeding the Puffin Norwegian Dog

The Puffin Norwegian Dog does not need a specific diet, except that it should not be too fatty. Its food must be of very good quality, and especially adapted to its age, its state of health and its physical exercise.

The health of the Puffin Norwegian Dog

The Puffin Norwegian Dog can be prone to gastric and intestinal problems, diseases that affect this breed in particular, often called by the term « Lundehund Syndrome ».

Price of a puffin Norwegian puppy

The price of a puffin Norwegian puppy will depend on the sex, the pedigree of the parents, the conformity to the standards of the breed, etc.

  • Price of a male Puffin Norwegian Dog: nc
  • Price of a female Norwegian Puffin Dog: nc

Photo credit: Andrva