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Cat scares Italy after contracting extremely rare virus – Insurance for Pets

The Italian press was recently moved by a case of a cat affected by a strange disease, as the benchmark International mail.

It all starts with a feline belonging to a family from the town of Arezzo, in Tuscany, who, after having disappeared two days, reappears at his home in a state of great aggressiveness. He attacks and bites three family members, does the same at the veterinarian to whom he is brought. The latter notes that the animal’s symptoms resemble those of rabies.

Sent to a research center

The cat will die quickly, but will be sent to a research center, which will confirm the veterinarian’s fears.

The cat has a type of Lyssavirus, similar to that of rabies, so rare that it was « identified only once in history, in a Caucasian bat, in 2002 « , Explain Il Fatto Quotidiano.

No risk of transmission between humans

Do not panic, rabies is not transmitted between human beings, as the transalpine media point out. But everyone in contact with the animal had to be screened. Local authorities have called for close monitoring of pets and the health ministry has set up a unit to monitor the situation.