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Zurich (ots) – Zurich animal welfare is alarmed: animal companions are particularly in demand in the corona crisis. But the effort for pets is often underestimated – that’s why many suffer behind closed doors and get sick due to lack of care. If the owners have to go to hospital, the animals are at risk of a painful death, as there is rarely an emergency.

Despite the corona crisis, the Zurich animal house continues to receive adoption requests and requests for dog walks. And although people now have more time, they do not prepare for emergencies, and sometimes even neglect pets.

Neglect leads to pain and suffering

In March, two long-haired cats were delivered in a completely neglected condition in the Zurich animal house: due to a lack of grooming, both were totally matted. In April a Cocker Spaniel was added who had suffered the same fate. All animals had to be shorn. Because it gets itchy under matted areas and the skin can become painfully inflamed – long-haired rabbits and guinea pigs are also often affected. In addition, dental problems and untreated organ damage, which are often manifested by emaciation, vomiting or diarrhea, lead to hellish pain over time – in extreme cases even to death.

No pets out of sheer boredom!

Neglected pets are often the result of being tired or overwhelmed. Zurich animal welfare therefore warns against hasty purchases. Pets are a long-term investment of time and money. You need an animal-friendly facility with enough exercise space and employment, correct feeding and care – even in the event of illness, which is sometimes associated with considerable costs. Dogs live to be over 10, cats up to 20 years old, and even small animals live for several years. « Even after Corona, pets need a lot of care – those who are unable to give them are better off without it, » advises Rommy Los from the Zurich animal welfare group. « Sooner or later the pets will end up in the shelter ».

No painful death thanks to careful precaution

One point is particularly important to Zurich animal welfare: comprehensive animal care also includes precautionary measures for emergencies. If someone lives alone and suddenly has to go to hospital or even dies and nobody knows about animal husbandry, this means days of suffering for the animals in the apartment. « In the worst case, house cats, dogs or small animals die painfully from hunger and thirst before they are found, » says Los.

Valuable tips for loving care and provision

In addition to advice on animal-friendly husbandry, Zurich animal welfare also offers an overview table that shows the minimum care effort per pet. The procedure for targeted pension provision is explained in a flyer. It is important to look for a nursing place in good time for an emergency and to record this in writing. To ensure that the animal is rescued, an emergency card in your wallet is advisable. « Anyone who loves their animal not only ensures their well-being in the here and now, but also in an emergency, » says Los.

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