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Care at the Alsfeld shelter remains guaranteed – Insurance for Pets

Alsfeld shelter: visit only with controlled access. Photo: Kaminski

VOGELSBERG CIRCLE. The corona virus also causes shelters to take special precautions. The visit is regulated in Alsfeld, and in Lauterbach the decision has been made to stop all traffic.

To protect visitors and employees, the « operation will only continue in a controlled manner », the Alsfeld animal shelter announced on its website. If you want to put an animal in the care of the facility or go for a walk in the afternoon with one of the dogs, you have to register beforehand, by phone or by email. There is a bell on the grounds of the shelter, which can be used to ask for admission. « We make sure that visitors come in individually and that the necessary distance is kept, » explains Dr. Natascha Hirschmann the procedure.

Basically, the operation is now very limited. It is hardly possible at the moment to transfer animals to private individuals. « Of course people have other concerns, at work or with childcare, » says the veterinarian. She draws parallels to other shops where customers are currently absent, with this special feature: « We have to take care of the animals, so the business basically goes on. Only the public traffic is temporarily limited, » she says, emphasizing that this is a snapshot : « We are waiting to see how the situation develops. »

In Lauterbach, of course, the supply of pets must also be guaranteed. « However, since we do not know who carries the virus and who does not, we wanted to be on the safe side and closed the animal shelter to the visitors, » said Christina Scheer. The six zookeepers employed were divided into two groups. In the event that an employee were infected, only one group would have to be quarantined and the second would continue to be used.

With the closure of the animal shelter, a recommendation from the German Animal Welfare Association is being followed, Scheer explains. In Fulda, Marburg and Bad Hersfeld they also decided to close. However, she points out that it is still possible to contact the animal shelter by telephone (answering machine) and email.

The animal welfare association and veterinarian Natascha Hirschmann also point out that animals pose no risk of infection with regard to the corona virus. Nevertheless, it is also important here to comply with the basic hygiene rules, especially not to forget washing hands.