Insurance for Pets

Care, accidents … What you need to know to insure your pet – Insurance for Pets

MONEY – Buying insurance can be a real relief in the event of damage, illness or accident

Dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit, horse, snake, ferret … Your companion may need medical intervention at any time in his life. Health insurance therefore provides for covering veterinary costs. To subscribe, you must check with insurance companies or join an association of pet owners. You just need to ask your veterinarian to fill out a form similar to the Social Security care sheets.

However, the contracts are different and the funding increasing. The basic formula only includes the payment of unforeseen surgical costs in the event of illness or accident. A cut above, it will also integrate the costs of care: analyzes, X-rays, taking a treatment, hospitalization … For those who wish it, the insurance can go so far as to include the assumption of the expenses of pension of their animal if they themselves are hospitalized, the payment of a capital often equal to the purchase price of the animal in the event of the latter’s death or one (…) Read more on 20minutes

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