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Pet owners do not have to worry: the corona virus is not a danger for dogs.

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Fri 06 March 2020

After reports circulated that a dog in Hong Kong is infected with the novel corona virus, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Nature Conservation gives the all-clear: Even if pets can carry small amounts of corona viruses, transmission by them is extremely unlikely.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Nature Conservation was quoted in a press release as saying, « There is currently no evidence that pets can be a source of infection for Covid-19 or that they become ill. » Hong Kong experts had found small amounts of viruses in quarantined samples from a dog’s nasal and oral cavity. They assume that the animal has become infected from its owner. This and another dog without infection, which was also in quarantine, were tested again before they were released.

Comply with hygiene measures

As a precautionary measure, the Ministry considers it expedient to extend quarantine measures to domestic animals in which someone has tested positive for the virus. Pet owners should also ensure good hygiene: hand washing before and after handling the animals and their feed, and not kissing the animals. Sick people should avoid contact with pets and seek advice from a veterinarian if the animal appears sick. « Aside from good hygiene practices, pet owners need not be overly concerned and should under no circumstances leave their pets behind, » the spokesman said.


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