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We love our pets, and while we may not always be willing to shell out a handful of money for our own health and safety, when it comes to our furry friends, we often go overboard. Because they are worth it.

Up front, pet technology is expensive – it’s going to cost you a little to connect your pet, but there are a lot of benefits, including convenience, safety, and health. You can put the smart home at work to help take care of your pet and help out with things like making sure Fido is fed on time, knowing when your puppy has escaped, keeping an eye on your cat’s activity level and make sure everyone is entertained while you’re away.

Of course, one of the main uses of smart home cameras is to record your dog at work – just to say « hi » or to make sure he doesn’t chew the couch. In addition, much of the connected technology available for your pets fits perfectly into your automated home: you can order your pet feeder with Alexa, use your pet’s IFTTT channel to synchronize its aisles come and go with your smart home and let your pet sleep with your smart door lock.

Here we bring together some of the best pet technologies we have tried and tested, so you can keep spoiling your precious fur packs, even when you can’t be with them.

Best pet tracker

Whistle GO

$ 129.99, Amazon |

A pet GPS tracker is the smartphone era’s answer to your dog’s microchip (which you should always do, of course). When a microchip is a great tool when your pet gets lost and is found, a GPS tracker is a much more immediate solution. It works by keeping an eye on the location of your pet, then, if it crosses a predetermined border, it sends an alert to your smartphone.

Whistle is the leader in this space, making the smallest device with the most durable battery on the market. As a bonus, Whistle also acts as a pet activity and behavior tracker – like a Pet FitBit. We are testing the original Whistle and the new Whistle GO Explore that has been improved for a few months and we are very impressed.

Whistle GO: Design and features

A small thick brick that you attach to your pet’s collar, Whistle GO has two models, GO and GO Explore. It is available in a variety of colors depending on the model (pink, gray and blue or black, green and magenta), and is charged using a standard USB cable.

Both models will monitor the location and activity of your pet, plus it has a new health feature that tracks itching, sleeping and licking. They are both waterproof, but the Explorer has a slightly higher rating (IPX8) and twice the battery life (up to 20 days). Explore also has a built-in night light that you can activate when you are out for a night walk or to help with tracking, otherwise the two models are identical.

Although it is marketed as an activity tracker, unless you are seriously concerned about your pet’s lack of excursiveness, the main reason for getting one is as a safety net if your dog or cat ( yes, you can put it on a cat’s collar too – any animal over 8 lbs) escapes or gets lost. In the application, you configure safe places and if the tracker crosses the border of one of these places, the GPS comes into play. When this happens, you receive an alert on your phone like this one that we have tested: « Be careful, Gus is 0.3 miles from the house near Clearview Drive. »

Whistle GO in use

We tested the Whistle GO Explore on our two-year-old 60-pound Wirehaired Griffon who is an expert escape artist, and it has come in handy several times to find it (even outside of our tests! ). The alert appeared about 2 to 3 minutes after the dog crossed the border – which is long, but more signal than we would have received otherwise. Once it crosses the border, a big button « track » appears on your phone and it starts in the GPS so that you can follow it and locate it with more precision.

While in the Wi-Fi limit, the GPS turns off and a less precise Wi-Fi location is used to save battery. Therefore, the battery life of the GO Explore is impressive. When we tested the third generation Whistle, we had to recharge it every four or five days; the GO Explore went 26 days before we needed to charge it (the GO has a 10-day battery life). However, the more you take your pet out of the “safe place”, for example for a walk, the more often you will need to charge.

Regarding activity monitoring, the application shows you a chronology of your animal’s activity, the amount of ground it has covered and an estimate of the number of calories burned, as well as the duration of its activity. . You can set daily goals and be alerted when it reaches them, but it would be nice to receive an alert around 5 p.m. to tell it if it needs more exercise (you can connect Whistle to IFTTT to get functionality like this one).

When you, or someone with the Whistle app on their phone, walk the dog, you receive an alert saying « Enjoy your walk » and then another when he gets back home – a good way to keep track of all dog walkers and make sure they do their due diligence. However, you do not have a detailed map of your walk, but rather a point-by-point overview.

New with Whistle GO is a health tracking feature – which uses the device’s accelerometer to monitor licking, scratching and sleep. You cannot access this information in the app, but you do receive a weekly report via email that includes the time your dog spent doing these favorite activities. As someone who has often sat in front of my vet saying that my dog ​​was scratching but couldn’t answer questions about frequency and duration, this is actually useful information. Plus, long-term monitoring compares activities week by week, so you can monitor potential problems.

The biggest drawback to Whistle is the $ 10 monthly subscription for cellular data that allows GPS tracking, and if you have two dogs, it’s through Whistle. You can’t use the device without the cell phone plan, so if you just wanted activity and health tracking, it’s not an option. It’s expensive considering how little you’ll actually use the data plan, but it’s basically an insurance policy, and all of the features you get with the Whistle app are fun and informative, so probably worth it. pay something.

However, during our tests, the GPS tracking was quite uneven. This would mean that Gus had returned from his walk about 800 feet down the street or tell me that he was out of the border when in fact he was right at the back of the yard. However, we have very poor cell service in our neighborhood, and given that, it has in fact done a decent job. One downside here is that if you enjoy walking in the woods or camping in remote areas with your dog, you can’t count on that to keep track of your puppy as these places rarely have decent service either.

Best Smart Pet Charger

PetSafe Smart Feeder

$ 194.99, Amazon |

Life is busy and sometimes you can’t go home to feed Felix or Fido, or you have so many other mouths to feed that maybe he or she is forgotten and it isn’t until you don’t finally drop on the couch and iron back you remember that awful face.

An automatic pet feeder may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but it is actually a very good tool for animal care. Your pet is fed on time, every time and gets the right portion – which is crucial to the pet’s health. From a smart home perspective, the PetSafe we ​​tested also allows you to feed your pet with your voice using Alexa, which is very convenient. Plus, you can feed them from a distance, perfect if you’re not at home and want to make sure they’re taken care of.

PetSafe Smart Feeder: design and functionality

PetSafe is a big device, it won’t easily blend into where your little food bowl was – but that’s because it serves as both a food storage system and a food bowl. The stainless steel bowl can be removed for cleaning, and there’s a button on the top that will dispense food if you don’t want to use the app – although it is quite slow.

Features include the ability to remotely plan, monitor and adjust your pet’s diet. The PetSafe automatically dispenses the correct portions and sends you alerts when food is weak. You can also connect to the Amazon Dash Replenishment service to make sure you never run out of food (this is a new feature on the model that has just been released). Voice control with Alexa allows you to distribute food with your voice.

The PetSafe operates on AC power, which means there is no food in the event of a power failure, so you will want to insert batteries for backup.

PetSafe Smart Feeder in use

Controlling the charger with the app is simple, the main screen has a large button that you press to feed on the fly, prompting you to choose how many. There is also access to scheduling options and the choice to feed your dog slowly rather than all at once, which is good for voracious dogs that miss it all – can’t be good for digestion! A chronological view shows you all the food your pet has received and when you set up the device for the first time, it asks if you have a dog or cat and provides a feeding schedule that you can change.

App notifications include options for sending alerts when your pet is fed, when there is an error, and when you run out of food or food. The latter two are a new addition to the latest model; the previous version did not have one and it was easy to think that your pet had been fed when in fact nothing had come out. You can also attach the charger to Amazon’s Dash resupply service, but we couldn’t test it because they don’t carry the food we use.

You can place about 24 cups of dry or semi-wet food in the feeder – no wet food as it would just be messy. You can feed up to four cups per meal, which is enough. We really like the slow feed option, which distributes pieces of the total serving over 15 minutes – it was great for our hungry dog ​​and kept him very attentive!

The charger only works on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, but it does not connect to our dual-band router without problems. The biggest problem here is that you have two pets who don’t like sharing. You can control two feeders from a single application – but it’s a big expense. In our scenario, we have one dog in a cage and the other one not, so we simply programmed the feeding of the smallest dog for the moment when the largest dog is in its kennel. There are pet feeders that use wireless tags that you attach to your pet’s collar to open only for the right pet, but we haven’t tested them yet. They are also a little more expensive.

Our only problem with the PetSafe was the fragility of the bowl attachment, as our larger dog could easily tear it off in its quest for more food – it didn’t do any damage to it, but it meant that the food just spilled on the floor because he had overturned the bowl. We would like a way for it to be more securely attached. Fortunately, he was unable to enter the food dispenser, despite his efforts. So it’s a bonus.

Best Pet Cameras

Anyone can take advantage of this to be able to monitor their pet at home and make sure it has been picked up by dog ​​walkers. There are a number of specialized pet cameras on the market, as well as regular viewers for the smart home with decent pet features.

When you buy a pet camera, you will want to consider factors similar to what you would have for a conventional smart home camera. Video quality, resolution and frames per second (fps) are all essential here. You should really be looking at 1080p quality at 30 frames per second – it’s the optimal experience, and nothing less is a compromise.

As we mentioned, standard smart home cameras are also an option here. Devices such as the Wyze Cam, the Nest Cam Indoor (which can alert you specifically if he hears a dog barking) and the Hive camera allow you to monitor your pets and even communicate in both directions. In addition, they can fulfill the role of being a standard smart home camera. You get something that gives you both options.

Animal-specific cameras have interactive features designed especially for your furry friends, such as the ability to distribute treats or play games with them – either on their own or when driving orders from your desk. Most of these gadgets are designed for dogs and cats, and several have additional features that come with a subscription.

Petcube Bites 2

$ 249.99, Amazon |

Petcube Bites 2 is a camera and candy dispenser in one, with built-in Alexa. In addition to being able to see, talk and send a treat to your pet using a mobile app, Petcube Bites’ Alexa skill allows you to do it all with your voice. Plus, you can use Alexa for all the other fun and useful things the voice assistant is great for.

Petcube Bites: Design and functionality

The Petcube is a tall and slim device with a brushed metal body which should ideally be mounted on a wall, but can also be placed on a table or low counter (if you place it too high, you will not be able to see your pet On the ground). Features include a 160 degree camera view that you can stream live in Full HD, two-way audio that lets you chat with your moggy or dog from afar, and a fun and interactive tool to launch Angry Birds treats.

As a smart camera, you can program the device to turn on or off at certain times, or just be active when you open the app. Motion and sound alerts are free, but you’ll need to sign up for the company’s Petcube Care plan for smart alerts (animal, human, barking and meowing), longer video history (you get four hours free) and the ability to download your videos. It starts at $ 3.99 a month.

The configuration is simple: plug it in, load it with treats, download the Petcube app and connect to your Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). As we mentioned, Petcube Bites should ideally be attached to the wall, or you will end up having trouble seeing over surfaces if you just support it. You can balance it on the edge of a table or piece of furniture very well – but unless it is at the edge, you will have a darkened view.

Petcube bites in use

We tested Petcube Bites with two dogs, a small terrier and a larger dog, and they both loved it – obviously. They quickly recognized the sound from the camera when you open and connect to the app, which means they run on the camera as soon as you turn it on. It is a classic conditioning by click and processing and adding sound is a smart idea to bring them as soon as you want to record (you can turn off the sound if you prefer).

The interface of the app to launch the treat is well thought out and fun. It only works in landscape mode and the interface is superimposed on the live view of your house. Click on a small dog bone, then swipe up to launch the treat, choosing from three distances. You can also choose to film the interaction or take a photo. In addition, there is a microphone button to activate the two-way conversation if you want to hear your puppy or make it heard.

What else works with Alexa? The 35 best Amazon Alexa compatible devices you can buy

You can also schedule treats to distribute to your pet during the day, if you don’t have time to interact, or you can share the camera with your friends and family so they can register and to play. You can also make your camera public and let strangers on the Internet treat your pet, but that is not something we would recommend and the social feed of the app showing all shared cameras is not something that we were fans (one reviewer mentioned seeing a naked man walking past a camera – uh, no thanks). Although you can’t turn off the stream, you can change the settings so you don’t see it every time you launch the app.

As a pet monitoring device, Petcube works well, sending you an alert when motion or sound is detected, which brings you directly to a live stream from your camera. The alert is a purring, cute, but very silent sound. With the subscription, you can receive alerts for a specific activity of an animal, a bark or a meow and / or a person, and you can also filter your video clips by these.

The video quality is decent, not sharp, but clear enough so you can see what’s going on and talk to your pet, but the night vision is very grainy and often takes a long time to trigger, letting us watch a black screen a bit. We had our test unit installed a few meters from our dog’s kennel, where it goes when we are out of the house (he is a 60 lb puppy and I like my leather sofa). We were able to throw the treats far enough for them to land in his kennel (and if they didn’t make it, our 11-year-old Border Terrier was happy to come and clean up the mess.

There is a bit of a mess with the discarded treat, because the debris comes out with it, so you won’t want to put it near your best mat. You also need to be picky about the treats you put in here, or it can get really messy and won’t work properly. Petcube says they should be round, no smaller than 0.3 inches and no larger than 1 inch, which limits you a bit. They have a list of « recommended » treats on the Petcube website.

The built-in Alexa is great if you don’t already have the smart speaker in the room, it will come in and make the price a little more palatable. However, if you have an Alexa in the same room, you will want to turn off the voice assistant. As with many third-party Alexa devices, it lacks a few features, such as music grouping and ESP, where only the closest Alexa will be streamed – making it more boring than useful. We (especially our children), however, liked to use the Petcube skill to send treats with our voice.

Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor

$ 299.99, Amazon |

If you just want to keep an eye on your pet but aren’t interested in the treats or other more fanciful features of a pet camera, the Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor is our favorite option. While there are much cheaper smart home cameras that will send you sound and motion alerts, Nest Cam can send you specific alerts for barking dogs, or it can zoom in and track your pet as it passes .

Google Nest Cam: animal-friendly features

Bulky and white, the Nest Cam won’t blend in perfectly with most settings, but a magnetic mount and a swivel head will likely allow you to place it in a good place to spy on animals. It has by far the best camera specs, including 1080p, 30fps, a 4K sensor, and HDR imagery – that means you’ll see Fido in all clarity. Night vision is also quite clear and very usable.

The three features we love about the Nest Cam IQ that make it a great pet camera are: superb two-way conversation, thanks to three microphones with echo cancellation and noise cancellation; a 12x digital zoom, so you can get close and see what your dog is chewing; and the Nest Aware subscription plan, which sends you barking alerts, a « great view » – a zoom and tracking feature that zooms in and tracks your pet as it passes the camera – and 30 days of footage and continuous recording, so you can watch your beast all day long.

Like the Petcube, Nest Cam has a smart assistant, this time Google Assistant, so your Nest Cam doubles as a smart speaker. However, there are no animal-specific commands that you can give it and there are certain restrictions, for example, it will not play music.

Google Nest Cam: as a pet camera

The Nest app is very responsive and by clicking on a “dog barking” alert, you go directly to a live view of the Nest Cam, where you can jump into two-way conversations to calm Fido, hopefully, or see what is happening. past. Of course, you can have multiple Nest cameras in one app, so you can track your pets wherever they can roam, both in your home and outdoors with the Google Nest IQ Outdoor Cam, which has all the same functionality as the indoor version.

We also really like that Nest Cam knows when you’re at home or on the go (thanks to geo-tracking and your smartphone) and will turn on and off automatically, so you don’t have to worry about setting schedules or turn off the camera when you are at home, but you will know that you will hear about it if there is a kerfuffle at home while you are away.

Of course, as a smart home camera, you can use Nest Cam for much more than just spotting animals. Read our full review of this device here.

Ring Spotlight Cam

$ 199.99, Amazon |

As we noted in our review of Nest Cam, it may be necessary to have an outdoor camera if you want to keep an eye on your pet and they spend a lot of time in your garden. The Ring Spotlight Cam is a very good solution here and is much cheaper than the Nest IQ Cam Outdoor, the more it is powered by battery so that you can place it in the best place in your yard to catch your pet’s antics.

More Camera Information: Best Outdoor Security Cameras

One downside is that it has no specific bark detection, but what we like about it as an animal camera is that it has a built-in projector that turns on at night when it detects movement. We are not cash here The Ambient, and it is clear that this function would be useful for keeping an eye on a certain number of creatures. We use one in our backyard to monitor our chicken coop – if a predator prowls at night, the bright spotlights act as a deterrent.

Ring Spotlight Cam: Animal-Friendly Features

The Ring Spotlight Cam is available in white or black, and has two battery slots so you don’t have to charge too often, or opt for the solar panel and hopefully never have to worry to keep it up to date. Two LED panels on each side of the camera light up when motion is detected, and you can define motion zones and adjust the sensitivity. To observe the animals, you will want to activate all the movement zones.

The app will ping you on the move and you can watch a live stream and use two-way chat to chat with your pet. The 140-degree field of view is decent and the 1080p HD video gives you a pretty clear picture, but not a lot of detail, and the zoom is a bit blurry. Night vision is also quite good. What you really pay for here is portability – being able to place it anywhere makes it a great pet camera, although you do need a decent Wi-Fi connection wherever it is.

Ring Spotlight Cam: as a pet camera

We have placed the Ring Spotlight on an oak tree near our chicken coop, so that we can keep an eye on the birds and be alerted of any suspicious movement at night that could signal a raccoon or fox sniffing around. Using our 25lb and 60lb dogs as testers, the searchlights reliably activated during movement, lighting the coop to potentially scare away predators. The video quality is a little disappointing, because even if the camera is only about 20 feet from the cage, we can’t really see it very well, just enough blurry shapes to know that the chicks are still alive .

For a pet camera that lets you see your pet outside, know when it’s running, talk to it, and check if it’s outside at night, Ring Spotlight is a good option . It also doubles as a decent security camera, with a loud siren that you can activate from the app. Read our full review here.

Other pet cameras to consider

Although we haven’t tested these devices, they do get good user reviews and have features that our choices may not suit you.

Furbo Dog Camera

$ 199.99, Amazon |

The Furbo Dog Camera has a 1080p camera with an impressive 160-degree field of view, although there is only one lens facing forward, so you’ll want to place it against a wall. There is room in the bank for 100 treats, which she ejects one at a time. We have not yet tested the Furbo to verify video quality or process speed.

There’s night vision so you can always keep an eye on your pets after dark, and two-way sound too. Furbo also listens to barking and will notify you of any distress during your absence via push notification, which is a nice feature.

There’s also the new Furbo Dog Nanny service, available in the U.S. and Canada only, which uses AI to give you even more functionality. These include dog activity alerts and dog selfie alerts, which basically let you know that the dog is looking at the camera and may want a treat. There are also person alerts, so if you have a dog sitter who walks your best bud, you will know.

Enfin, Dog Nanny a un Doggie Diary, qui vous donne les moments les plus adorables de la journée de votre chien en 60 secondes. Vous obtenez un essai gratuit de 90 jours lorsque vous achetez un Furbo, ou payez 99,99 $ pour trois mois, puis 6,99 $ par mois ou 69 $ pour un abonnement annuel.

Caméra pour animaux de compagnie Pawbo Life

149,99 $, Amazon |

Pawbo propose une vaste gamme d’appareils photo pour animaux de compagnie sous sa marque Theme Park, ce qui explique en quelque sorte la gamme folle d’appareils photo, de jouets interactifs et de distributeurs de friandises.

Le Pawbo Life principal est une unité soignée et compacte, bien qu’il soit à la traîne de ses rivaux en termes de qualité vidéo. La caméra opte pour la HD 720p plutôt que la 1080p. Cependant, le Pawbo compense ses lacunes techniques avec une multitude de jeux et d’options de divertissement.

Le Pawbo standard dispose d’une communication bidirectionnelle et d’un jeu de poursuite au laser, que vous pouvez jouer manuellement ou configurer pour qu’il s’exécute automatiquement, ce qui le rend utile lorsque vous êtes à la maison.

Le Pawbo Munch est un chargeur plus complet que vous pouvez associer au Pawbo Life. Vous pouvez récompenser votre animal de compagnie via le tiroir à nourriture, qui pourrait contenir un plus gros repas si vous courez tard, ou si vous voulez vous assurer que votre chat est nourri pendant votre absence. Le tiroir à friandises comprend deux éléments: le plateau lui-même et un distributeur intérieur, ce qui signifie que les friandises peuvent être distribuées lentement au fil du temps pendant que votre animal joue avec le Munch.

Petzi Treat Cam

À partir de 84 $, Amazon |

La caméra la moins chère de notre liste est la caméra Petzi Treat Cam. Et, comme son nom l’indique, c’est assez simple dans ce à quoi vous pouvez vous attendre ici.

Les propriétaires peuvent surveiller leurs animaux de compagnie tout au long de la journée en utilisant leur téléphone ou leur tablette et en utilisant le haut-parleur intégré, ils peuvent leur crier de cesser de manger des aliments sur le comptoir. Sachez simplement qu’il n’y a pas de microphone, alors même s’ils peuvent vous entendre, vous ne pouvez pas les entendre.

Il y a donc quelques petits sacrifices que vous devrez supporter pour le prix inférieur, mais vous bénéficiez d’une plage de visionnement élevée et d’une option de vision nocturne pour la faible luminosité. Si vous souhaitez récompenser votre animal de compagnie, l’option de traitement à distance vous permet également de déclencher des collations de jour comme de nuit.


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    Stay on target with wrap-around rubberized grip
    Tailor the controller with new interchangeable thumbstick and paddle shapes
    Save up to 3 custom profiles on the controller and switch between them on the fly*

  • Xbox One S 1To 2 manettes + 14 jours d’essai au Xbox Live Gold et 1 mois d’essai au Game Pass

    Plus épurée, plus fine, plus performante. Console Xbox One