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An unknown owner buried his dead dog in a suitcase in the nature reserve near Gardelegen. The investigation is ongoing.

Gardelegen l Ramona S. regularly goes for a walk with her dachshund in the cellar mountains near Gardelegen (Altmarkkreis Salzwedel). In wind and weather, even on that day almost three weeks ago. The dachshund pulls on a leash at the rest area in the Kämmereiforst, where the heather flower festivals were celebrated a few years ago. He wants to go to a tree, starts sniffing and digging. Ramona S. (name of the editor known) takes a closer look at what her dog is doing and why. She discovers cans of cat food, a bluish-colored line, a food bowl – and a closed suitcase, half buried in the ground. She is afraid to take the suitcase out and open it. But she already has a bad suspicion. She quickly goes home, the municipal regulatory office informs. Nothing happens for days. She informs the veterinary office and police officers of a patrol that she meets on one of her walks in the basement mountains. She reports back to the regulatory office. Then the space is cleared, only the suitcase is still half buried in the ground. Again she calls the regulatory office and also turns to the Gardelegener Volksstimme editorial office.

Florian Kauer, responsible for order, security and general security in the administration, sets off late Wednesday afternoon of the previous week. And what he finds there leaves him speechless: a dead dog, packed in a suitcase, buried in the Natura 2000 reserve. « It is a huge mess to dispose of an animal so unworthily in a place with a lot of traffic, » says Kauer, who has never experienced anything like this in his term of office, as he confirms when asked by the popular vote. It is a mixed breed dog with dark fur, about the size of a pug. The dog is not chipped.

Investigations are ongoing

The investigation has started. Because the owner of the animal violated several legal bases, including the « Animal By-Products Disposal Act and the Animal By-Products Disposal Ordinance ». It regulates where pets, including dogs, can be disposed of, explains Kauer. Among other things, dogs may be burned in an incinerator, buried in a place specially approved for this by the responsible authority, such as animal cemeteries, or on the animal owner’s property.

However, this is not allowed in water protection areas and not in the immediate vicinity of public paths and squares. The animals should be covered with a layer of earth that is at least 50 centimeters thick. « Depending on the incident, anyone who violates these regulations can be fined or at most sentenced to a custodial sentence of up to one year, » says Kauer. In this case, he also included the district veterinary office. Official veterinarian Ramón Rulff has arranged a section of the dog to determine the cause of death because there is suspicion of killing contrary to animal welfare. « We work closely with the district to solve this disgusting act, » said Kauer.

He now hopes for clues from the population. « If you can give hints, even if they are so small, please let me know. I personally follow up on any information, ”assures Kauer. And further: « And if a cause is found, the maximum penalty comes. » However, this could be a little lower if the dog owner volunteers. Kauer rejects the criticism that the regulatory office acted too late. He himself had the case on April 28 on the table. An employee was then on site and disposed of the garbage, but unfortunately overlooked the case. Anyone who can provide information is asked to report to the municipal regulatory office on 03907/71 61 40.