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Broken, he tackles everything and goes on an adventure with his ferret – Insurance for Pets

In the space of a year, Charlie Hammerton lost his biological mother, his adoptive mother and his 22-year-old best friend. Tired of fighting his suicidal ideas, the Briton made a drastic decision: he left everything to go around the world. The young man now aged 25 did not embark on this adventure alone. He was indeed accompanied by Bandit, a ferret collected in a refuge in 2015.

After selling all of his goods, Charlie took off with his little companion in February 2018. And if we believe the testimony of the globetrotter, the presence at his side of the small animal saved his life. « First, he was just a pet. But when my mental health started to decline, the fact of having to take care of him prevented me from putting an end to my days several times ”, confides the Briton to Insider. Over the course of their adventures, the two friends have forged a very strong relationship.

« He was a real comrade »

Charlie and Bandit have notably visited France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the Middle East and the Arctic Circle. And the young man told their adventures on Facebook. “Bandit has been loved around the world! We often took him for a rat, which hurt him, but he quickly recovered, ”jokes Charlie. The Briton insists that Bandit never served him as a foil: « There was no way to inflate my ego. He was a real comrade, ”he says. Back from his journey, Charlie wrote a book called “Before Our Adventures”.

« I needed the world to see (…) the courage it takes to turn your back on what you know, what you have done, the person you believed be your whole life and become someone you want to be, ”says the Briton. Unfortunately, Bandit died a week after returning to the country. Today, Charlie is roaming UK schools to tell his story and talk about mental health issues. With his company Adventure Bandits, he also organizes camps to help young people in difficulty. As for the little ferret, it remains firmly anchored in Charlie’s heart: “He was my best friend. We were a team and it deserved to see the world as I wanted to see it. ”

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