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Branféré zoo deprived of visitors during confinement – Insurance for Pets

For the past three weeks in this corner of Morbihan, it’s almost as if zebras, giraffes and other animals have had the park for themselves. In the Branféré reserve, in Morbihan, confinement requires, the 4,000 daily visitors have disappeared. Florian Martin is one of the few people to survey the place. He watches over the primates. « We feel that they are freer, more fulfilled. It’s pretty funny to see.« 

With the Covid-19, this is not the time for lightness. As soon as he approaches the gibbon monkeys to feed them, Florent Martin is equipped: masks and gloves are now compulsory. « Since we know very little about primates with the disease, how they will react and what it will do to them, I would not like them to catch it if I am a healthy carrier« , he explains.

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