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Bio Suisse, Demeter, KAGfreiland and FiBL welcome the killing of the farm and pasture. Animal welfare only partially.

The brand organizations Bio Suisse, Demeter and KAGfreiland and FiBL welcome the changes in the food regulation regarding the killing of the farm and pasture, it says in a joint announcement. This is a decision in favor of animal welfare.

Required for all animals

With the two killing systems «court killing» and «pasture killing», a respectful and gentle killing of farm animals is made possible. According to the communication, pilot tests at home and abroad have shown that animals that are « slaughtered » on the farm (actually: killed) are exposed to significantly less stress. As the brand organizations say, they would promote farm slaughter on their members ‘and producers’ farms with various measures at the level of communication and projects. For the time being, the mobile systems for killing farmland and pasture would only be used in cattle.

In the future, the farm slaughter will also be extended to other animal species such as small ruminants, pigs and poultry, the message says. The Swiss Animal Welfare Agency (STS) welcomes the homicide killing as it reduces the burden on the animal by not having to transport it to the slaughterhouse.

Strict controls needed

This applies in particular to stunning with a bolt, but only to a limited extent during “pasture slaughter”, ie when shooting cattle with a rifle. The « pasture slaughter » must take place under the strictest guidelines and controls, writes the STS. Now you have to wait until the technical instructions are published.

The Federal Council decision opens up business opportunities. « This is a relevant moment and like a second birthday, » says Mischa Hofer, founder of the Platzhirsch Hofschluchten GmbH company.

Now he can really start with his company. With its mobile slaughtering unit, it offers yard killing including subsequent transport to the slaughterhouse. The service costs an average of around CHF 290 (a flat fee of CHF 200 plus CHF 45 per hour for the butcher who comes along and performs the bleeding cut).

« I already have countless inquiries. » Around 300 animals are registered.