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Boss wanted: It’s not going well for Astor, he is in the shelter for the 2nd time – Insurance for Pets

Astor (9) is unfortunately for the second time in the shelter of the Hague Animal Center. When it was handed over for the first time, it had already had several owners. Eventually he ended up with a loving family who had to give him up after three years with great sorrow.

Astor had found a home with people who love him deeply and still do today. Unfortunately they had to bring Astor back due to circumstances and that was a terrible decision.

Other dogs

The reason Astor came back is that he doesn’t get along with other dogs and there have been a number of incidents involving other dogs in the past. Astor was already out with a muzzle. If it had been up to Astor’s owners, they wouldn’t have gotten rid of him. But because of the incidents that happened, they could no longer let him out in their neighborhood.

Cats are okay

Astor was able to stay home alone with his previous owners and he was also neatly housetrained. Being alone at home has to be slowly rebuilt. Astor has also lived in the house with cats.

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His caretakers are looking for people who can offer Astor a nice home and who don’t mind walking a dog that has to wear a muzzle. Are you looking for a super sweet, relaxed dog, who has crazy play moments? Do you live in an area where not many other dogs live? Then quickly contact his caretakers.

Tip: Send us an email with your details such as: family situation, other pets and approximately how long the dog should be home alone. The email can be sent to: [email protected] .

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