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Billie Eilish apologizes for racist video surfaced – Insurance for Pets

Last week, old videos of Billie Eilish surfaced in which she uses an insulting word for people of Asian descent. In another video, she appeared to be mimicking an Asian accent. She was quickly called a racist, but now she has responded to the situation via her Instagram. She says she was « 13 or 14 years » old when the videos were made.


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Racist video by Billie Eilish

« You’ve asked me to respond to this and I want to do that, because it makes me look like something I’m not, » Eilish said in her Instagram Stories. “There is a montage in which I play back a word from a song that I didn’t know at the time was an insulting expression to people from the Asian community. I’m ashamed and puking that I did that. I had never heard of that word before this song. But my ignorance and age were no excuse for doing something so hurtful. Sorry. »

“In the other video I’m babbling in a made-up language. As a child I sometimes did that when I spoke to my pets, friends and family. I absolutely did not imitate language, accent or culture, » the singer also said. “However this is seen, I never wanted to hurt anyone. I have always worked hard to use my celebrity for inclusion, tolerance, tolerance and equality.”


After the videos surfaced, there was an immediate commotion among her fans. The cancel culture came back up and Eilish also seemed to be cancelled. Many tweets were posted under the hashtag that called for this. It remains to be seen whether the singer’s statement takes away all the concerns of her fans. In addition to racism, Eilish is also accused of queerbaiting. That’s when someone pretends they like the same sex, for attention or so that their music is listened to more, for example. In a recent Instagram post, Eilish wrote: “I love girls” and according to fans she would also hint at that in a music video, but a few days later it came out that she has a boyfriend.

On social media, people write that they also like an explanation for the alleged queerbaiting had seen.

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Billie Eilish apologizes for racist video surfaced

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