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Being There makes B2B LinkedIn campaign animal nutrition – Insurance for Pets

According to Being There, the special thing about the product is that it contains a new source of Omega-3, made from 100% algae. It provides twice the EPA & DHA Omega-3 fatty acids compared to fish oil. Veramaris’ algae oil reduces dependence on regular fishing.

To educate pet manufacturers about this new pet food formula, the agency developed a LinkedIn campaign that tells the story of ‘the little drop’ through six children’s book-style animation videos. Yona Hümmels, Creative Director Being There: ‘It’s a form of storytelling that you might not expect for a B2B campaign in a fairly serious environment such as LinkedIn. But it is exactly that bold choice that helped grab the attention of pet manufacturers. We’ve combined the talent of Illustrator Jasper Schreurs and animator Bob Embregts to bring this story to life in short clips. We have chosen a combination of techniques to make the animation feel genuine. Veramaris stands for the love of the ocean, so we tried to get the same love in the animation. ‘

Oyvind Ihle, Global Marketing Director Veramaris: “We wanted a launch campaign that was distinctive, impactful and emotional. The campaign Being There has developed for us is radically different from any other advertisement in our industry. It is an endearing story about our fish-friendly Omega-3 oil, which communicates the main benefits and leaves you with a positive feeling. ‘

Credits ‘Meet the little drop’ campagne

Client: Veramaris: Oyvind Ihle, Emke Sporry

Strategy, concept & production: Being There

Illustrator: Jasper Schreurs

Animator: Bob Embregts

Sound: Sound Circus

Digital Media: MobPro

Web Design: 51 North Web

Development: Bureau Bright

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