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The proliferation of bedbugs is believed to be « an increase in international travel and the development of resistance to insecticides, » according to the health ministry. They settle wherever humans live (apartments, houses, hotels, public transport, cinemas …), and not only in unhealthy places. Here’s how to avoid their occurrence and try to prevent their proliferation.

Prevention is better than cure

The best solution to avoid being confronted with bedbugs is … to avoid bringing them home. To do this, you must take precautions while traveling (thoroughly inspect the hotel rooms, do not leave your clothes lying around) and, in case of doubt, wash all your clothes at 60ºC, bedbugs will not survive beyond 56ºC . Another solution is to place suspicious objects in the freezer at – 20ºC for three days.

Vacuum, hot-cold and biological solutions

If despite these initial precautions the bedbugs have taken up residence with you, the important thing is to act quickly … but not in any way. It is not recommended to throw yourself on the first anti-insect aerosol or on any smoke smoke, at the risk of dispersing them, promoting their resistance, and, ultimately, making the problem worse.

The association 60 Million consumers advise, as a first step, to thoroughly vacuum « on the entire mattress, the box spring, and in every possible corner around the bed ». Better not to omit anything around: carpets, curtains, furniture, clothes, books, carpets, drawers, baseboards, wallpaper, cushions, plush, door frames, tables … and electrical outlets! After confining the room, by placing tape on all entry and exit points, we vacuum meticulously. Then close the bag tightly before disposing of it. Again, do not hesitate to wash your sheets and all your linen at 60ºC and freeze as a precaution, in trash bags, objects likely to be infested, at -20 ° C, for at least 72 hours. Bedbugs, their larvae and eggs will also not stand up to 120ºC steam cleaning. Biological solutions can also be considered. Natural insecticide, diatomaceous earth is readily available commercially and, in low doses, between 10 and 200 micrometers, is a good tool against bedbugs. It is often used in homes where pets live, so as not to endanger their health. Please note, however, it should be used sparingly.

The use of pest control by professionals

Unfortunately, if the infestation is already advanced, it is necessary to resort to pest control by professionals. The latter will have to use strong products, which are not available on the market, and which require leaving the accommodation for at least 5 hours. A solution that has a cost, since on average, the treatment price per m² is estimated at 7 to 10 euros. It is important that the company employed holds the Certibiocide certificate issued by the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition for less than 5 years. It is also recommended to make several quotes to avoid that certain companies inflate the price of their travel costs or their intervention. Please note, if you are a tenant of your home and this mishap occurs after you have invested it, any costs to overcome your six-legged hosts will be your responsibility.

Three reflexes to banish

Shake your textiles (sheets, mattresses, covers, clothes …) on the terrace or in the house. There is nothing worse in moving the colony and invading its entire home.

Move the bed or infected objects in another room … which will invariably be invaded.

Don’t say anything to your neighbors. Better to prevent than to face a generalized invasion of an entire building!

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