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around twenty dead dolphins washed up on the beaches – Insurance for Pets

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A.-C.Roth, R.Moquillon, Y.Junqua, T.Breton, A.Da Silva

France 2

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26 dead dolphins washed up in the Landes on the beaches in the space of 48 hours. Specialists implicate fishing trawlers but what exactly is it?

Dead dolphins washed up on the sand, some with broken ribs and severed fins. In one weekend, 26 cetaceans were discovered on the beaches of the Landes. A volunteer from the marine wildlife observatory made the first observations. For him, there is no doubt. The dolphins were caught in the nets of fishermen and bear the marks of a violent death.

Intensive fishing in the viewfinder

Intensive fishing is in the sights of the associations. They accuse fishermen of throwing dolphins caught in their nets back into the sea to hide their practice. The only regulation for the moment is the government decree which will oblige 200 boats to be equipped with sound scarers and cameras by the end of the year. But this is considered insufficient by the Sea Shepherd association given the scale of the problem.

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