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Arnhem’s animal of the week: Dexter is looking for a boss – Insurance for Pets

There are plenty of pets who are still looking for a nice owner. At Dierentehuis Arnhem they are very well looked after. Still, these animals would really like to find a real owner. This week attention for Dexter!

Who makes Dexter happy?

Meet Dexter. The employees of the Arnhem animal home tell about him: “Dexter is a social dog. He is often very enthusiastic and can sometimes jump on you. He can be very high in his energy and he really should be able to use it. Mental and physical challenge is important, but then it really is a golden dog. ”

Although Dexter is an energetic dog, he also loves to just be cuddled. Important to know: “Dexter is quite fierce towards other dogs here, but can be corrected with the right direction. We think Dexter is suitable as a working dog. ”


Do you think now, that Dexter, he belongs to me? The animal shelter can be reached by telephone between 1:00 pm and 4:30 pm on 026 – 361 98 61. You can make an appointment to visit Dexter or one of the other animals in the shelter. More info can be found here.

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