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Construction news | By one of our reporters

Posted: today

LELYSTAD – A construction site in the municipality of Lelystad was also used by construction workers to live and sleep there. Even pets and pet food were found. The construction site is immediately closed.

The Inspectorate SZW found 18 construction workers on site, two of them not having a permit to work here at all. This concerned a Georgian and a Russian. The other construction workers found came from Ukraine and Belarus. Due to the lack of papers, it is not yet clear whether the employer legally allowed them to work here.

An office complex is being converted into apartments at the construction site. It was not the first time that the Inspectorate SZW carried out an inspection here. In December 2019, the Inspectorate already established that people lived at the location. At the time it was already made clear to the client that this is not allowed.

The inspectors were therefore very surprised that they again found mattresses at the construction site and it became clear that the construction workers were staying here. There were clothes, shoes and laundry hanging out to dry. It was also special that hamsters were kept as pets by the construction workers, according to the cages and animal food that were found there.

It is also suspected that asbestos was removed in an improper manner at the construction site and that it was an illegal asbestos removal, as the work had not been reported.

The residence location of the construction workers was otherwise far from safe. Electricity cables were loose everywhere and were incorrectly laid. Reason for the Inspectorate SZW to close the entire construction site. In addition, the Inspectorate SZW is conducting further investigations into violations of, among other things, working conditions, whether the minimum wage was paid and whether the work was not over long.

The check was done in consultation with the Collaboration Platform Labor Migrants and COVID-19. Since 1 September 2020, various organizations such as the SZW Inspectorate, GGD, Safety Region and NVWA have been working together to efficiently and effectively tackle abuses in the living, working and transport conditions of labor migrants.