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Animal welfare wants further controls – Insurance for Pets

Swiss animal welfare says that missing litter or filthy animals can only be found if controls are not announced.

Pig farms would have to face unannounced controls every year. Conventional businesses, on the other hand, are only checked every four years and on registration, and only 10% of all such checks are unregistered, the «SRF-Kassensturz» emphasized. Cesare Sciarra, head of the inspection service at Swiss Animal Welfare, criticized that a fattener could still correct defects such as lack of litter in the case of registered inspections.

Kaspar Jörger, Head of Animal Welfare at the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO), emphasized that in future 20% instead of 10% of the controls will take place unannounced and that unidentified risk-based controls could take place after the deficiencies have been identified. He did not want to rule out the possibility of unannounced controls being announced in advance for reasons of labor economy.

Free range pigs:

Ueli Schmezer was wrong with the blanket statement in the « Kassensturz » that a Swiss fattening sow will never come to a meadow in her life. Free-range pigs are kept, for example on the large farm of the correctional facility in Witzwil BE, on the Neue Zelg farm of the Müller family in Bettlach SO, or by Martin Salzmann and Aline Frank on the Brändlisberg in Steffisburg BE (see picture).

The two are with three Premo fattening pigs bred by Beat Kühni, Oberburg BE, the smallest company in the world that is looked after by the Pig Health Service (SGD). It is up to the customer whether the niche grows with this attitude.