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Animal welfare check: Japanese Wagyu citizen more animal-unfriendly than Dutch variant – Insurance for Pets

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Animal Welfare Check conducted research into the meat of civilian tents in Amsterdam. According to the organization, more than half scored poorly in the area of ​​animal welfare. In addition, the organization concludes that Japanese Wagyu meat has a good reputation.

The researchers at the Animal Welfare Check examined the menus of 36 civilian tents in Amsterdam. They found a wide variety of citizens. From vegan to conventional meat – usually from milked Dutch dairy cows – to luxury exotic products such as Japanese Wagyu meat.


Wagyu is on the menu of many restaurants. This meat has a luxurious reputation. According to Animal Welfare Check, Japanese Wagyu meat scores poorly in the area of ​​animal welfare. « Japan has hardly any laws and regulations regarding the welfare of farm animals. That is why the animals are kept inside their stables all their lives, sometimes even tied up. The calves are almost always deceived and castrated without anesthesia. There are also virtually no rules or regulations. controls at the time of slaughter « , the organization said. The organization gives Wagyu from Japan a 3 in the field of animal welfare.

This only applies to Wagyu meat from Japan. The Wagyu meat from the Netherlands scores much better with a 7. « Fortunately, the Wagyu cattle are doing a lot better in the Netherlands. They are only in the winter months in the stable, the calves stay with the mother for at least six months and they are dehydrated with anesthesia. « 

Meat from milked dairy cows

Most burgers in Amsterdam restaurants made from the meat of milked dairy cows. This label-free meat is the most on the menu according to the Animal Welfare Check. The organization gives this meat a 5.

This is followed by the very popular Black Angus meat, which according to the organization is difficult to trace. Beef types that score well are Palmesteyn, Lindenhoff, Brandt & Levie and of course the organic beef. In addition, more and more items offer vegetarian or fully vegetable burgers.

Animal Welfare Check

The Animal Welfare Check is an initiative of the Foundations of Pigs in Need and Animal & Law. The aim of the organization is to encourage consumers, owners and employees in the hospitality industry to make animal-friendly choices.