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Animal welfare: Animal welfare association BMT cares for around 5,000 animals in Germany, in Hamburg there were around 1,300 in 2018 – Insurance for Pets

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+++ Ten animal shelters nationwide +++ VOX moderator Frank Weber is the animal shelter manager in Hamburg +++ a particularly low administration rate of 5 percent

Hamburg, August 26, 2020. BMT – that has stood for the federal government against the abuse of animals since 1922. The registered association looked after almost 5,000 pets in ten animal shelters across Germany in the 2018 financial year, including 1,981 dogs, 1,797 cats and 1,049 small animals.

The full-time and part-time employees take care of the abandoned, abandoned or abused animals and are politically committed to animal rights. The fact that, in addition to home and medical care, self-help projects in Hungary and Romania can also be supported by the BMT is due not least to the above-average administrative rate of around 5 percent that the BMT has been able to show for its donation income for years. The BMT is financed to around 90 percent from donations and inheritances.

The BMT homes see themselves as a new home for animals – with small, family-run houses. The Franziskus animal shelter in Hamburg, which belongs to the BMT, has been managed by Frank Weber since 2004. The 53-year-old animal rights activist moderates a. a. the VOX format “hundkatzemaus” and campaigns not only for his pets, but also against animal experiments, wild animals in the circus or for the protection of foreign animals. In addition to TV appearances, Frank Weber writes in magazine columns, including a. in the BMT magazine “The Right of Animals” and publicly fights against animal abuse.

The Franziskus-Tierheim is a specialty within the BMT with its attached wildlife station. Accident or orphaned wild animals are brought to the Franziskus animal shelter every day. In 2018 more than 700 wild animals were taken in, raised, cared for and released back into the wild. In the animal shelter, there are two specially developed and equipped rooms as well as 16 large and several small aviaries available for the professional care of the wild animals. For raccoons that can no longer be released into the wild, there is a separate spacious enclosure on the site.

“The well-being of the animals is just as important to me as the quick help for overburdened pet owners. Because a life without our animal roommates would be so much poorer, which is why they have the right to a good life and we have a duty to stand up for them – wherever we can, ”says Frank Weber, head of the BMT -Franziskus shelter in Hamburg-Stellingen. In 2019, his animal shelter took in and looked after almost 600 animals from Germany, Spain, Romania and Hungary, and found a new home for almost as many animals in Hamburg and the surrounding area.

Frank Weber will be happy to give you expert interviews.

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About the Franziskus animal shelter:
The concept of the Franziskus animal shelter is based on the fact that an animal shelter should be a meeting place for people who love animals. Many people still think that an animal shelter is a dark, gloomy place in which the misery of animals is managed. The Franziskus animal shelter wants to dispel this prejudice and show that an animal shelter is a very suitable place to bring people closer to the responsible handling of animals and to encourage them to do so. When designing the animal shelter, special attention was therefore paid to making the rooms as bright, friendly and appealing as possible. Outside areas are connected to all cat rooms, which allow the animals to make themselves comfortable in the sun. In order to give a small impression of the diversity of the animal world, there are several aquariums in the communication area. An essential part of the concept is the Pfötchencafé, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the outdoor cat aviaries, the tortoise enclosure and the wildlife station. Smaller events on the subject of « animals » take place here, visitors to the animal shelter can make themselves comfortable, and volunteers and employees meet there regularly.

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