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Animal welfare and food safety rules are properly observed during the Festival of Sacrifice – Insurance for Pets

Animal welfare and food safety rules are generally well observed during the Feast of Sacrifice. One slaughterhouse was temporarily shut down because it was not working hygienically enough. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) and the police also found illegally slaughtered sheep on 2 farms.

At slaughterhouses that slaughter during the Offering Festival, NVWA veterinarians continuously monitor compliance with the rules for animal welfare and food safety. Animal welfare rules were well observed. At a number of slaughterhouses, employees of the NVWA and the Animal Sector Quality Inspection have given instructions about hygienic work. The slaughtering process was temporarily halted at a slaughterhouse in the province of Utrecht, because slaughter hygiene was not satisfactory. Only after the slaughter hall had been cleaned could the slaughtering process be resumed at half speed.

The NVWA and the police have jointly carried out additional checks on illegal slaughter. As a result of anonymous reports, illegal slaughter was found at 2 locations. Three sheep slaughtered were found at a sheep farmer in South Holland. This man has been fined. The NVWA has found 6 illegally slaughtered sheep at a dairy farmer in North Holland. An investigation is still ongoing, because the eartags of the animals on the farm were not in order.

The NVWA has also checked the welfare of animals during transport. One violation was found. A driver transported 2 sheep in his passenger car to a slaughterhouse. There the sheep were found tied up in the trunk. The NVWA draws up an official report for animal abuse against the driver. A report of findings is being drawn up against the farmer who gave the animals. The NVWA found no violations during other inspections.

source: NVWA, 05/08/2020