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Animal shelters at the limit due to Corona – Insurance for Pets

There is no question that whoever goes shopping in Corona times first thinks of his family, perhaps of neighbors or friends. But leaving food donations in the boxes, which are in almost every supermarket, has fewer people on the slip than usual these weeks. In addition, it is often older people who think of pets. And it is precisely this group of people who are required to stay at home.

So the animal shelters lack food donations. The employees of the animal protection association Tiernothilfe for Leisnig and the surrounding area describe those from the markets and those that were otherwise personally handed in at the home for Easter, for example. The association also operates the home on Eichberg. The financial situation there is tense because donations are missing but income is also lacking. The animal rights activists achieved this through the flea market or cake bazaar at the spring festival. The festival for this year had to be canceled.

Additional operating costs

In addition, the club has to pay a number of additional expenses. « These are surgical costs to restore two dogs and two cats health, » says the employee of the office of the animal relief. Club leader Rosi Pfumfel therefore supports the German Animal Welfare Association’s appeal to the Federal Government to provide Corona aid for animal shelters as well.

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If you want to help quickly and unbureaucratically, you can do this by paying into the account of the German Animal Welfare Association stating the intended use « Emergency aid for animal shelters » and directly to the Leisniger Animal Welfare Association: at Sparkasse Döbeln under IBAN DE58 8605 5462 0031 0205 09 or the VR -Bank Mittelachsen, IBAN DE23 8606 5468 0000 5800 58.

The donation goes even further to the Karin-von-Grumme-Douglas Foundation. This promises to currently double every donation of money or food. According to its own statements, the foundation has set itself the task of taking care of the physical well-being of animals. Since the end of 2018, the non-profit organization has supplied almost 340 animal shelters and sanctuaries across the whole of Germany through its “paw table”. Regular animal donations also go to animal relief in Leisnig. More on this at or on the website of the Leisniger animal protection association.

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