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The Corona crisis does not leave Bonn’s shelter unscathed. While dogs, cats, guinea pigs, etc. are sitting in their enclosures and have no idea of ​​a pandemic, their caregivers start to sweat a lot.

Due to the restrictions, funding is beginning to falter. The greatest losses are yet to come.

Animal shelter in Bonn: loss due to corona crisis

Anyone who is usually concerned about a new pet should usually contact the animal shelter. There you can stroll past the enclosures and familiarize yourself with the possible new family members.

After that, a large number of discussions with the home staff take place, and get-to-know-you appointments are arranged with the four-legged friends – until the animal finally finds a new place to stay. That’s how it usually works – but not in the pandemic year 2020.

Corona crisis: Bonn animal shelter can mediate fewer pets

During the heyday of the Corona crisis, the Bonn animal shelter « Albert Schweitzer » had to close for eight weeks. During this time, visits were only possible by appointment.

« This enabled us to convey far fewer animals than normal, » recalls board member Sabine Reuter. She is responsible for the cats in the home.

By brokering animals, the association Tierschutz Bonn und Umgebung e.V. earns, among other things, the money that is needed to pay for food for cat babies or medical treatments for aging dog ladies.

Animal shelter Bonn: 20-30 percent loss due to Corona

« During this time we had about 20 to 30 percent less income than usual, » Reuter estimates the corona damage in the animal shelter in Bonn. In addition to animal brokerage, the facility is also financed by private donations. “Of course, when it comes to uncertainty, people don’t like to donate 100 to 150 euros,” Reuter says with understanding.

Nevertheless, the well-being of around 500 pets is not at risk, as cat boss Reuter explains: « We made additional calls for donations via Facebook or our website and there was always enough to come up with. »

Animal shelter Bonn: kittens and puppies cost money

The young animals that are born this season are particularly expensive. You need special feed for a healthy start in life – that costs money.

To get that in, the Open Day is traditionally one of the most important dates in the year at the Bonn animal shelter. It usually takes place at the beginning of September – with cake and drinks sales or donation boxes, five-digit sums regularly come up.

Puzzle about the death of the Windecker Alpaca foal « Unknown »

Due to the corona situation, the event has to be canceled this year. « There are simply too many uncertainties, » says Sabine Reuter. (pvr)