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Animal rights activists worried: First animal shelters affected by « Corona taxes » – Insurance for Pets

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Mars Petcare starts the #bleibbeimir campaign so that dogs and cats don’t fall by the wayside after the pandemic.

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Mars Petcare is launching the #bleibbeimir campaign with its Pedigree brand to prevent a wave of sales from dogs and cats. Around 200,000 dogs and cats are taken in by animal shelters each year, the majority of which are found animals[1]. Animal rights activists such as the German Animal Welfare Association, umbrella association of animal shelters and supporters of the campaign, fear that with the increasing corona easing in the next few months, a particularly large number of four-legged friends will find themselves on the street or be handed over to the animal shelter. Some animal shelters are already reporting « Corona levies ». The #bleibbeimir campaign actively counteracts this and offers animal parents information and support. A free hotline with advice offers helps, for example, with problems with animal care.

Animal rights activists fear a wave of releases and charges to animal shelters

26.4 million dogs and cats lived in Germany last year – more than ever before. The pandemic time has inspired many people to choose pets. There are more and more animal parents, especially in big cities. Last year alone, the number rose by 1.6 million dogs and cats nationwide.[2]

During the Corona period, dogs or cats were beloved consolation donors and were there for their animal parents in the home office every day. And now? With the end of the restrictions, new wanderlust and the return to the office Animal rights activists fear a wave of releases and charges to animal shelters. Mars Petcare has launched the #bleibbeimir campaign to counteract this and reach pet parents directly.

Barbara Bajorat, Managing Director of Mars Petcare in Germany: “Abandoning animals and leaving them in the lurch must not be an option! Life with a dog or a cat is not always easy, but in the end it is enriching for animals and people. Our goal is therefore to make the world a better place for animals and to contribute with offers of help so that as many four-legged friends as possible can stay in their home for the long term.

Thomas Schröder, President of the German Animal Welfare Association: “Again and again, animals that have become unpopular are abandoned by their owners. The summer months are a sad high season for animal shelters in which many animals are taken in. This year there is an added complication that during the pandemic, many animals were bought rashly and spontaneously. If the dog is not allowed to go to the office after working from home, if it is not clear how the animal will be looked after on vacation or if the four-legged friend shows undesirable behavior, these animals could end up in the animal shelter sooner or later. Some of our more than 550 animal shelters are already reporting the first ‘Corona levies’. There is great concern everywhere about what is to come. We therefore welcome the Mars Petcare initiative.  »

Anonymous advice for animal parents

Mars Petcare and Pedigree therefore want to provide animal parents with strong partners and make it clear that there are many problems often simple solutions gives. As part of the #bleibbeimir campaign, animal parents can call 04231-943250. There they are advised anonymously and unbureaucratically and, if necessary, referred to organizations such as blepi, who can help the animal parents with animal sitters or trainers depending on the individual situation. The website also provides information on all aspects of animal care. Animal parents can use a web form to describe their problems and also get straightforward advice in this way.

Eye-catching visuals displayed on social media indicate what is on offer for animal parents. In addition, many Mars Petcare trading partners will support the #bleibbeimir campaign in their markets or media.


Numbers, data, facts[2]

47 % of all households in Germany have a pet.

32 % of all singles have a pet.

66 % of all families with children have a pet.

66 % all pet owners live in a house / apartment with a garden.

24 % of all households have at least 2 pets.

7 % of all households have a dog and a cat.

In NRW On average, most dogs and cats live nationwide. Take second and third place Bayern and Baden-Wuerttemberg a.

The number of Cats in German households is compared to the previous year um 1 Million increased from 14.7 million to 15.7 million. The number of Dogs has increased from 10.1 million to 10.7 million.

[1] Source: Survey by Deutscher Tierschutzbund eV: “Animal shelters in Germany 2016”. As of November 2019

[2] Source: Study by SKOPOS market research: « Number of pets in Germany – study report March 16, 2021 ». Industrieverband Heimtierbedarf eV (IVH), Zentralverband Zoologischer Fachbetriebe eV (ZZF). Survey wave 2020.

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