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Animal fraud tripled during Covid lockdown – Insurance for Pets

Ordering online turns away money ..

Some unscrupulous figures are very hard at exploiting the pandemic of the coronavirus. Internet criminals have scammed potential dog owners in England for over £ 300,000, out of 669 animal lovers looking for pets the money is foolish. That reports the English magazine Pet Gazette. It is a tripling of turnover ”compared to March 2020.

According to national fraud and cyber crime, Action Fraud, criminals have continued to « take advantage » of the coronavirus pandemic to commit fraud after animal lovers have made deposits for pets that they have seen advertisements online. Ads were posted on social media, but also on specific pet forums.

The criminals use the outbreak of Covid-19 and the current lockdown restrictions as the reason why the victim cannot come to find or collect the animal first. After the first payment, more and more money will be asked to cover the insurance, vaccinations and even the delivery of the pet.

Action Fraud has received reports of this scam from people across England with a spike in reports in April when 524 reports were registered, more than three times the number received in March.

Action Fraud Head Pauline Smith said, “The fact that criminals exploit even an international crisis, such as the one we are in now, to take the money from innocent people is extremely cruel. Unfortunately, however, as we spend more time online and are forced to adapt to a new way of life, opportunities will arise for criminals to commit fraud.

Such online orders are relatively rare in the Netherlands and Belgium, but unfortunately this type of fraud is very common in England and America.