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DR – Gautier Moulard relies on external growth

Based in Saint-Etienne, on the town hall square, the e-commerce site La Ferme des Animaux was launched in 2012 by Gautier Moulard. Since then, the founder and manager has focused on external growth and the complementarity of offers.

It was originally, a laboratory for testing a software solution, which was backed up by the e-commerce site in 2012, explains Gautier Moulard, the founder. If the activity started in a small Sorbiers warehouse, it is now from the city center of Saint-Etienne that around ten employees open, since the particularity of the company is to develop all the IT tools internally. . The group has also had around ten employees in a logistics center near Nantes since 2018. This year, activity accelerated, confides Sylvain Royer, the group’s marketing director.

It was at this point that the company Livepoint, and its commercial brand La Ferme des Animaux, acquired the company Polytrans. The two companies are now 100% owned by the new holding company Orwell Participations. A historic e-commerce site – before that focused on mail order – Polytrans specializes in the sale of pet accessories. The site is intended in particular for professionals, and complements the offer on the site, a company that has absorbed Polytrans’ logistics flow. The two sites each offer nearly 6,000 referrals and register around 10,000 visits per day.

In 2020, the group is again focusing on external growth and acquires the company Difac, a French manufacturing workshop and wholesaler of around thirty employees who have been manufacturing articles for dogs and cats for more than 35 years. Specialized in the design of kennels, kennels and other facilities, the company located Remeling near Thionville, brings the group’s consolidated turnover to more than 15 M in all, indicates the manager, who prefers to keep secret the amount of successive investments. .

For now, the objective is to create new bridges between the three sites, and to develop international trade, starting with southern Europe, but also to promote the online sales site for insurance. for pets

Laurie Joanou