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Almost empty parking lots, shopping malls in which three quarters of the curtains are drawn … This Monday morning, a strange atmosphere reigned in many of the usually so busy alleys, contrasting with the rush of last Thursday preceding the containment measures.

In supermarkets, we have organized ourselves to comply with the law. After the ban on the shelves of cultural products, in force since Saturday, the Prime Minister announced the closure from this Tuesday of other shelves of « non-essential » products which should concern the departments of toys, textiles, jewelry, make-up, decoration and tableware, flowers, and household appliances.

A cart full of toys

At Cora Nancy-Houdemont, Sabrina is on the lookout in the toys department. She came to do her Christmas shopping and birthday gifts before the department’s announced closure. “Faced with the uncertainty surrounding the duration of the containment and the closure of so-called non-essential departments, I decided to anticipate the purchases that I usually make later. “I filled my cart with only toys for Christmas and for upcoming birthdays. For now, I must have some for around 350 €. I prefer to do it like this because all specialized websites are saturated and show significant delivery delays ”. A little further, in the household appliances department, a customer is looking for a television. “I don’t know if this is a ray considered non-essential, but I need it,” she says. « It is better to take precautions because all the measures that are announced to us are not very clear. »

Basic necessities will still be available for sale in supermarkets during containment. This is the case for all food (meat, fish, bread, fruits and vegetables, canned food, groceries, etc.) but also drinks (including alcoholic beverages), newspapers, hygiene products, gardening products, etc. automotive, pet and hardware equipment, as well as computer equipment, software, and telephony …

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