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An entire city is joining forces to try to save a cat stuck in the top of a tree for 3 days! – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 10/03/2020 at 3:43 p.m.

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Residents of a small Welsh town have mobilized to rescue a cat stuck high in a tree. After several days of effort, they managed to bring her back safe and sound, thanks in particular to a local company which installed scaffolding.

Leanne Skinner, 36-year-old teacher and mother, lives in Tredegar in South East Wales. Last Saturday (September 26), she was returning from a walk with her friends when she heard meows of distress. After much searching for the source of the screams, she finally realized that they were being pushed by a cat stuck at top of a tree of a dozen meters high, as reported Metro.

She immediately called the RSPCA, but the British Animal Protection Association team did not nothing could do. She returned the next day, accompanied by firefighters, but with each attempted approach, the cat would take fear and still took refuge more in height.

Volunteers and firefighters once again decided to postpone the rescue until the next day, because they had no way of getting her back. In the meantime, Leanne Skinner exposed the situation on Facebook, without expecting the incredible mobilization which was to follow. An impressive number of people have contacted her for offer help. Very quickly, there was a crowd around the tree in question to try to rescue the cat.

So, 2 lifting platforms have been deployed. Residents tried to bring her down with a fish net, while others wanted to attract him with sweets. A local business, AP Scaffolding, installed a scaffolding of 4 floors, but the animal remained out of reach. Of the food and thewater have been left at the last level of the platform.

All these efforts ended up payer. This Tuesday, September 29 at the end of the afternoon, AP Scaffolding announced on her Facebook page that the pussy had just been recovered safe and sound. She was returned to its owners.

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