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An apprenticeship as a zookeeper: more than just petting animals – Insurance for Pets

Scratching posts, litter boxes, blankets, toys and three cats are all around us. Mietzi, an old cat lady limps across the room and meows loudly. Sarah Fehr (32), zookeeper at the Pfötli animal shelter, takes her in her arms. «I’m particularly sorry for animals like Mietzi. It is very difficult to find a new home because they are older and need more care. »

Fehr did an apprenticeship in KV and then went on to IT. It was the beginning of a good career, but one thing was missing: passion. She quit and went on a trip. In Bolivia, South America, in the Senda Verde animal reserve, the planned two weeks of volunteering became three months of intensive life school. « From then on it was clear to me that I wanted to be an animal rights activist. »