Insurance for Pets

Amivedi week 20 – Region news Hoogeveen – Insurance for Pets

The following animals were reported to Amivedi Hoogeveen in the past week:


Tomcat: Gray black marbled with a bit of brown on the nose. Zera. Surroundings Nijkampen, Westerbork.

Female: Gray black striped with a narrow head and Fiolenkamp, ​​Beilen.

Tomcat: Blue-gray striped with white blaze, snout, chin, neck, bands, chest and legs. Sturdy cat. « Spikey ». Surroundings Asterstraat, Hoogeveen.

Female: Gray black striped. Light dots at the nose. « Lolly Pop ». Environment Beolen Fiolenkamp.

Female: Back black. White snout, chin, neck, band, chest, belly and legs. Black patch over right eye. « Mollie ». Environment Canopus, Hoogeveen.

Found it

Dog: Brown head with black spots at the ears, brown legs. Black back and sides. Shy and skinny. Surroundings Wijstersewg, Spier.

For information: Amivedi Hoogeveen. Telephone number. : 088 0064668.