AgroZorgwijzer geeft digitaal inzicht in zorgnetwerk
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AgroZorgwijzer provides digital insight into healthcare network – Insurance for Pets

The increasing pressure on entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector and its consequences for farmers’ welfare is a growing concern. That is why more attention has rightly been paid to psychosocial assistance to agricultural entrepreneurs. Through the AgroZorgwijzer project, a broad coalition of parties has successfully taken steps in recent years to make the problems surrounding this theme more visible and at the same time to provide an impetus for solving bottlenecks.

The dairy sector was an important driver in this, with ZuivelNL as the financier of various AgroZorgwijzer projects. ZuivelNL completed its last project on this theme this summer; in which a number of goals related to AgroZorgwijzer could be achieved with a subsidy from the Ministry of LNV.


Asking, searching and finding the right help for when you experience mental problems as an agricultural entrepreneur is often difficult. In addition, it can be difficult for regular assistance to give the right advice to an agricultural entrepreneur; because the world of the farmer is insufficiently known.

In order to give substance to this, AgroZorgwijzer introduced the Agro-Zorg network map in PDF form in 2020. The card thus helps agricultural entrepreneurs and their environment in finding the right psychosocial help. And it gives the professional care provider insight into the network of an agricultural entrepreneur. This also creates a broader picture of who can do what for the well-being of the entrepreneur and those involved know how to find each other better.

Network around the farmer

The PDF appears to provide a good insight into the network around an entrepreneur, especially for regular assistance. The map contains a circle with different rings around an agricultural entrepreneur. This includes individuals or organizations. The closer to the entrepreneur, the more known this person or organization (in general) is to the entrepreneur. The circle is divided into four quadrants: agricultural, assistance, social and agricultural social support.

Agro-Care network card now also digital

An important practical result in 2021 is the digitization of the Agro-Care network map. This new version offers a handy function for finding the right help in your own region. The digital map provides links to the websites of the various organisations.

Search by zip code

With a few questions and entering his or her zip code, an agricultural entrepreneur gains insight into the right care providers in his or her area. The GP continues to play an important role as the first point of contact and referral.

Broad network of involved organizations

The digital map and the PDF map were created with the cooperation of LTO, NZO, ZuivelNL, general practitioners, Zorg om Boer en Tuinder, GGD, 113 Suicide prevention, GGZ, ARQ knowledge center Impact, Confidential Office for the Welfare of Agricultural Animals, Ministry of LNV and agricultural entrepreneurs. Now that the financing phase of AgroZorgwijzer via ZuivelNL has been completed, a number of other parties involved are investigating in what form they can continue the important AgroZorgwijzer initiative.

Source: DairyNL

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