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Posted on 10/15/2020 at 5:50 p.m.

Written by Anthony Pruvostin the category Conso

Regulars of Maxi Zoo stores and those who wish to discover the range of pet stores will now be able to order their products online. From food to hygiene, everything their animals need is now available on this new e-commerce site.

Maxi Zoo, today there are more than 180 points of sale in France. The chain of pet stores also comes frominaugurate its e-commerce site to allow its customers to benefit from a even easier access to its extensive catalog.

With its virtual store, Maxi Zoo offers its customers a additional service and an complementary product offer to that of physical stores. The approach also aims to respond to thedemand evolution, as pet owners increasingly rely on online shopping for to be delivered at home, at their place of work or elsewhere.

Food, accessories, toys, hygiene and care… All the products that the owners need to take care of their companions are therefore now available day and night et en a few clicks.

The launch of the online pet store Maxi Zoo, it is also an opportunity to discover novelties, brands meeting with great success in Europe and which had not been distributed in France until then.

The e-commerce site also gives the possibility of benefiting from a offer of products and personalized advice. It suffices for this to create your profile by entering the characteristics of its dog, chat or other pet: breed, name, age, weight, activity, overall health, etc.

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« E-petfood is now a necessity and is part of a cross-channel strategy undertaken by the Fressnapf-Maxi Zoo Group », Indicates Jan Wejbrandt, CEO of Maxi Zoo France. « We were already present for our customers through our network of stores and the wise advice of our sellers, but today with the merchant site, we will be able to serve them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and everywhere in France. », He adds.

M. Wejbrandt ensures that, at the same time, the network of physical stores will continue to get bigger in France, because the latter  » remain the favorite shopping places of the French ».

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