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Adopting a dog: this is the biggest mistake you can make – Insurance for Pets

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Adopting a dog: this is the biggest mistake you can make

From Friederike Hauer

Munich – You want one dog To give a new home from the animal shelter or animal welfare abroad? If you flip through the photos on the website as if you were on Tinder, you will not necessarily find the « match » for life in the end.

This sweet ball of fur will turn into a powerful Newfoundland dog – not necessarily the dog for a small city apartment. © dejavudesigns / 123RF

« The biggest mistake, because people make, even with animal welfare dogs, is to look after the optics », explains Jochen Bendel (53), moderator (« Pet seeks heart ») and dog trainer.

« A small, fluffy ball of fur quickly turns into a 40-kilo livestock guardian dog, which then guards the house and yard and does not let anyone in », says Bendel.

If you don’t know what to do, you will quickly be overwhelmed. In the worst case scenario, you have to surrender and the dog ends up in the local animal shelter. The behavioral animals have a hard time finding a new home here.

A terrible thing has happened to this dog!

Often boredom and under-challenged are the triggers of such « bad » dog behavior. If the lifestyles of the dog and owner do not match, nobody will be happy in the end.

Do I prefer to lie on the couch or do I go hiking for several hours every weekend? Such questions should be asked when choosing a dog, believes the dog couch.

Picking dogs by appearance alone can lead to a rude awakening

« I don’t even get a Ferrari in the garage if I only have a moped driver’s license, that’s just not possible, » explains Bendel. « If you only go by the optics with dogs, you can fall for it very badly. »

Before adopting a dog, you should reconsider the special breed-specific characteristics. Who knows what is « inside » in the dog, can take into account the respective needs of the dog.

Does my dog ​​need a lot of exercise or mental exercise? Corresponding joint activities strengthen the bond with the new family member.

« Learning together with the dog and celebrating successes – that creates a bond, » says the expert.

Emotional Adoption Stories: Animal Shelter Fundraising Campaign

Jochen Bendel (53) mediates dogs like these from animal welfare. © Purina

Jochen Bendel (author of « The Miracle of Bonding ») lives with his two dogs, Labrador Khaleesi and Pug Gizmo, on the North Sea. He is currently working on his second book, which should appear next year.

Bendel works together with the pet food manufacturer Purina and the Munich animal shelter to ensure that pets find a loving new home.

« I’ve always been a big fan of animals, and dogs in particular have done it to me. The work on my animal mediation program made me very aware of the plight of many animals – as little as I could live privately without pets, I think it is just as important to be public to use for these lovable creatures, « explains Bendel.

The bitch Barbel’s master is dead and now the next stroke of fate overtakes her

Anyone who posts their own adoption story under #purinahilft and marks @purinadeutschland or uploads it to (from October 2021) supports the topic and at the same time does something directly good for pets.

For every comment, share or like of the stories, Purina donates a full food bowl to partner animal shelters. Up to 100,000 bowls are available for this. Join in and help the animals with just one click!

Title photo: dejavudesigns / 123RF

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