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R.ASencio, J.Ricco, F.Daireaux, @Révélateurs, P.Minet

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We can see them on videos or on a path. Deer have abnormal or even dangerous behavior and this would be due to a state of intoxication. Explanations.

A crazy race in the courtyard of the gymnasiums or in that of a gendarmerie. Deer behave abnormally, even dangerously. They would be drunk. A witness saw it several times on her way to work, always in the spring. « He really doesn’t walk straight, he looks really disoriented. He’s like lost », she says. A daze caused by the voracious appetite of deer. For a specialist, the culprit could be a pimple. « It’s a concentrate of sugar. It’s a ruminant so there is a principle of fermentation which will occur and which will create a state of intoxication »he says.

A toxin involved?

For a veterinarian, the reason would be quite different. It would be food poisoning. « The plant defends itself against herbivores and produces toxins and therefore a small animal like the deer is very quickly poisoned », he justifies. There is no scientific study on the subject.

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