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Abandoned in a cardboard box under freezing cold, 2 kittens stay alive for 12 hours until the arrival of their rescuer! – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 11/07/2020 at 2:31 p.m.

Written by Anthony Pruvostin the category Rescues

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Barely born kittens were miraculously rescued from the streets as a storm raged.

To abandon the scope of his pet is a tragedy that unfortunately happens too often. This was the case these 2 kittens, later baptized Jones and Shiro.

So small that they had not yet opened their eyes, the 2 brothers found themselves in the streets of Arizona, in the United States. Upon discovering them, their savior was amazed to see that they were holding on glued to each other for heatsr as best they could. The cold was deadly and a storm was brewing. In addition, the kittens had not been fed within 12 hours. that’s why Shelbi Uyehara of Jin’s Bottle Babies was pleasantly surprised. As reported by Demotivator, the professional arrived on the scene after the individual who found the kittens contacted him. He expected to find little ones in state of distress but they had kept themselves alive.

Fed on site, the kittens were subsequently transported to a care center. Their temperature stabilized and they were able to fall asleep.

Jones and Shiro stayed several months at Jin’s Bottle Babies. Their health is stable and the brothers are treated as they deserve.

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A family finally came to meet the cats and brought them adopted. Even though they were never meant to be apart, Jones and Shiro ended up being, but both enjoy the warmth of a loving home and are in excellent health.

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