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a veterinarian who could only get by with « the rural » – Insurance for Pets

Estelle Blanchet, veterinarian in Mussidan, in the Dordogne, is still one of the few women to exercise this profession in the countryside, working with breeders. If she could, this mom of two would spend her time among the cows doing what is called « rural » vet jargon.

The vet must however run her practice in the city, created ten years ago, where she also treats pets. Because caring only for herds of cattle, goats or sheep is not profitable. A good part of her time, too much according to her, is devoted to administrative tasks, invoices… and also to customer complaints.

« We should charge almost double »

« The bill may be expensive, but we have driven 88 kilometers … He disputes the amount but there is more than 120 euros of travel. I understand that he is moaning, but we have driven an hour and a half. . When you really look at the cost of a veterinary employee with the charges, the car and the gasoline, you should be charging almost double « , she said to the magazine « 1:15 pm on Saturday » (replay).

« Fortunately there are the dogs and cats who help us to compensate a little for what we can lose with ‘the rural’. I don’t need to earn huge sums of money and as long as I get by , it’s okay with me… » specifies this enthusiast who had to invest 500,000 euros so that her practice could accommodate dogs and cats as well as farm animals.

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