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a sanctuary welcomes the surviving wolves of Saint-Martin-Vésubie – Insurance for Pets

After a journey of more than twenty hours, the wolves arrive at Frontenay-Rohan-Rohan, in Deux-Sèvres, from their valley of Vésubie (Alpes-Maritimes), devastated by storm Alex. The trip went well for the three animals accustomed to the alpine forests. « They were put to sleep for the transport and for the capture, so after twenty hours of transport, it is normal that they are a little lost. They will recover very slowly« , describes Clément Berthet, of the Animal Intervention Society.

These wolves lived in captivity in Saint-Martin-Vésubie, but bad weather destroyed the structure of the park. They found refuge in a sanctuary nearly a thousand kilometers away. « We will observe them a lot and reassure them as best we can« , explains Béatrice Gérardot, head of the sanctuary.

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