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A robot dolphin for dolphinariums – Insurance for Pets

In the heart of Hollywood (United States), a dolphin like no other was born in an animation studio: it is a robot, intended for water parks to replace dolphins captured alive. « If your usual day is swimming a hundred kilometers in the ocean and you find yourself in 23 meters, and that is your existence, it’s such an artificial environment and you can put it in blue and similar to the ocean, but you are still a roaming, sociable animal confined to a tub« , warns Walt Conti, founder and CEO of Edge Innovations.

But can a robot replace a real dolphin? « In many ways, it’s the same thing, assures a technician. If you use live dolphins, you have to capture and train them. When we create robots, we do exactly the same thing: the only difference is that there is no breeding to do, you don’t have to feed them and you don’t have to to worry about the safety of human beingsEach copy is sold for 26 million dollars; China could be the first buyer.

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