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The Asian hornet, which decimates bees, comes out of hibernation between late winter and early spring. So, a national Asian hornets plan is being deployed throughout France, in order to set up traps to better protect our bees.

For Jacques Roy, an amateur beekeeper from Noirmoutier-en-l’Île (Vendée), the observation at the end of winter is bitter: his hives are all empty. No more bees will returnbecause all of them were killed by a fearsome predator: the Asian hornet. The phenomenon is general on theIsland of Noirmoutier. Same observation further, this time at Jérôme Durant, market gardener, who hopes that swarms will return next spring.

Take the things over control

Jacques Roy took matters into his own hands to capture and kill the queens of future Asian hornet nests. Jacques Roy’s trap functions as a trap to catch fish. The queens enter through a funnel, and they are then stuck in the trap. A national Asian hornets plan is being deployed throughout France. It aims to allow everyone to set up traps to better protect our bees, between February 15 and May 15.

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