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a label for the protection of elephants – Insurance for Pets

Among the beaches and temples, elephants are a must in Thailand. A national symbol, it is as much revered as it is used for tourist purposes. Sometimes chained on their two front legs or forced to carry tourists all day, Thai elephants are put to the test. This is why a certification was created for the elephant camps, in order to ensure the well-being of the pachyderms. Nicolas Dubrocard, a Frenchman, is on his initiative.

The elephant audit takes place with a local veterinarian. Mouth, legs, ears: everything goes there. 191 very strict criteria are necessary to obtain said certification. « We are going to find the trace of ill-treatment at the level of the elephant’s head, we can see that there have been impacts », remarks Nicolas Dubrocard. There are approximately 4,000 elephants that are used in the tourism industry.

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