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Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, E. Rivallain, D. Martin, P. Corne

France 3

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Dounka, a mare, regularly attends retirement homes. The horse approaches the patients even in their rooms. Report in Flangebouche, in the Doubs.

We do not go incognito in an Ehpad, but what about when it comes to a horse? In Flangebouche (Doubs), the doors of Ehpad St-Joseph open wide for Dounka. As soon as she reached the second floor, she was already receiving praise. « It’s amazing to see her on the second floor of a building, it’s not ordinary. She took the elevator like everyone else », marvels a resident. The advantage with Dounka is that she invites herself everywhere. She is always patient, polite and attentive.

« She is extraordinary »

Nathalie Billerrey, executive within the establishment, indicates: “We were able to see that we had residents who no longer spoke […] and who, again, find the word in contact with the animal. It’s amazing. » The residents laugh heartily at the animal’s contact. Emmanuelle Pfrimmer, zootherapist, rejoices: « She just likes people. She likes going to people. She’s sweet. […] She is extraordinary. » Faced with Dounka, some residents take the plunge, others prefer to talk about his protective shoes. Dounka left without a dung, impeccable to the end of the hooves.

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