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On day two in the new home you can start getting used to the people. “The easiest way to do this is to feed them special delicacies. The hand is kept still and the mouse can decide for itself whether and when to come closer to get the treat, ”says Dr. Cutter. You should wait with touching and stroking until the mice come running relaxed and expectantly when they see the hand with the delicacy. In addition, the animals should never be dragged out of their shelter or lifted by the tail.

When the animals sit relaxed on the hand and eat, a first, short lift can be tried. This can then be gradually expanded to get the animals used to lifting. « It is important to always proceed cautiously and that the animals do not show any signs of stress, » emphasizes Dr. Cutter. Because mice feel comfortable in caves, it is also advisable to form a kind of cave with your hands when you pick them up.

If the mice are used to their humans, they should regularly – in addition to the daily basic care – deal with the animals and lure them with treats so that positive contact is maintained.

Color and gerbils are sociable. They therefore urgently need conspecifics in order to feel good. Color mice should live together with at least four animals, gerbils ideally be kept as a pair. They also like to cuddle extensively with these conspecifics. Humans should rather see themselves as observers and be happy that they can offer their animals a species-appropriate life. “Touching and brief, gentle stroking is okay after getting used to it. As a mouse owner, however, you should rather be satisfied with observing the intelligent and lively animals, ”says Dr. Cutter.