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A dolphin born in Marineland gives birth to a small female, a first for the park – Insurance for Pets

With this newborn, the park, which is the main dolphinarium in France, now has 11 dolphins.

Pink notebook at the Marineland water park, in Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes). A dolphin, himself born on the spot, gave birth to a baby, announced Friday May 15 the animal park by stressing that it was the first representative of the 2nd generation of dolphins born in the park.

The newborn, a female weighing about 15 kg for 85 cm, was born on May 8 and is doing well, fed by breast milk, says the park. « The animal does not suck strictly speaking, because there are no teats, it is positioned on the side, in the right place on the breast slit, and then the mother expels the milk », explains Damien Montay, zoo director of the park.

During parturition, the mother, Nala, 10 years old, was helped, as happens in this species, by a more experienced female, in this case her own mother, Malou. The gestation lasted a year.

With this newborn, Marineland Park, which is the main dolphinarium in France, now has 11 dolphins.

This birth comes while the reproduction of dolphins in captivity is contested by several NGOs. In January 2018, the water parks had obtained from the Council of State the cancellation for procedural defect of a ministerial order prohibiting the reproduction of dolphins and orcas in captivity.